About me

Hey there! I am Raúl…

…the creator and voice of Under Controlling -a blog for financial controllers-.

After working some years in finance and controlling, I created this site to share my modest knowledge about this management function, so important in business nowadays.

I was born in Córdoba, a city located in the south of Spain. I studied Business Administration at University of Granada, and also at Cracow University of Economics (Poland) as exchange student during one year. 

After finishing my degree in 2010, I decided to move to Madrid and start my professional career. I got an internship at Repsol, a global energy company, in the Innovation and Marketing department.

However, my career in Controlling would not start till 2011, when I joined to Accenture. In the consulting firm, I had the opportunity to work in different projects within the aerospace and defense industry (Airbus), as a SAP CO consultant and cost analyst.

Four years later, in 2015, I decided to continue my career at Gestamp, a global automotive manufacturing company, in order to take on new challenges in a different industry. At the same time, I began an Executive Master in Finance and Management at CUNEF, a program for professionals with experience which I coursed during the weekends.

After one year working in the Corporate Controlling Department, Gestamp offered me an international assignment as a management accountant in one of the group plants: Wroclaw (Poland). Some months later, I was promoted to Plant Finance Controller, which is my current position.



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